Friday, December 8, 2006

Sweatman's Barbecue, Holly Hill, SC

Sweatman’s Barbecue
Located between Holly Hill and Eutawville on Hwy 453
Hours: Open Friday and Saturday 11:30AM – 9PM

Barbecue buffet and take-out
The buffet includes rice, hash, 2 variations of their pulled pork, cole slaw, and bread.
Their take-out section offers more of a variety.

Everything about Sweatman’s is old-timey. Driving to Sweatman's from Charleston feels like you're going back in time. Arriving at Sweatman's only reinforces that feeling. It’s situated in an old farmhouse in the side of the highway. They cook whole hogs over wood fires in a cookhouse behind the restaurant. And they give you a funny look if you ask if they take credit cards. But they will kindly give you directions to the bank with an ATM in Eutawville. Don't try calling for directions, either because.... well, you guessed it: There's no phone.

The dining rooms are decorated with old family pictures, newspaper clippings, and essays on good barbecue. My favorite was a picture of their barbecue patriarchs holding a little pig. Linoleum floors are scattered throughout, but it doesn’t really matter because the pork is just that good.

The All you can eat buffet runs just under $8 per person. Sweat tea is an extra 75 cents.

Sweatman’s works very hard at doing one thing very well—they’ve perfected their pulled pork. It’s probably the best pulled pork I’ve ever had. However, don’t plan on eating many veggies at Sweatman’s because they’re just not there. Cole slaw is your closest alternative.

The hash and rice are outstanding as the hash is just warm enough, and the rice is perfectly cooked--never dry, but not too wet either.

The buffet offers two choices of pork. The first is the dry white portions of the pig, and the second is pre-sauced brazed outer portions. I liked the smokier, wetter, and darker meat best. They have two kinds of mustard sauce available to sprinkle onto the dry pork, but you shouldn’t need to add any sauce at all to the darker stuff.

A friendly waitress puts out pitchers of sweet tea and busses tables. The sweet tea is marginally sweet with a kick of lemon.

Things I loved
  • The pork was fantastic.
  • I liked the old farmhouse.

What I didn’t like
  • I’d like to see something green added to the buffet.
  • Sweatman’s doesn’t take credit cards. I’ll admit, I was pretty annoyed by this one. Next time I go, I’m determined to pay with all coins.
  • Don’t bother bringing a checkbook, either.

Directions to Sweatman’s from Charelston, SC
  • Take I-26 North to Exit 177 (Harleyville/Holly Hill) 40something miles
  • Turn right onto SC Hwy 453, Go 2 miles
  • Turn left on Old State Road (310/176) in Holly Hill, Go .2 miles
  • Turn right onto Hwy 453 (Eutaw Rd.) Go 3.7 miles
  • Sweatman’s is on your right
  • The total trip is about 53 miles.
What other people have to say about Sweatman's:

Pork and Whiskey


Angela Sweatman said...

Well.. im glad that you had a good time at Sweatman's. There's no veggies b/c its not the city, it country!! Next time bring ur own veggies....

HouseFurnishings said...

Where are you from that you get upset that they don't take credit cards?? Bring cash!! And-- who needs veggies when you have Sweatman's BBQ???????

Zooomabooma said...

I've got to agree with the above - bring cash! Have it as a backup, fine, but don't make credit you main payment choice.

Keep this a cash society!

(oh, and eat yer veggies at home!)

As far as Sweatman's goes -- been there several times over the years and it's some of the best BBQ I've ever eaten!

No, it ain't exactly lickety split convenient to Charleston... but make the trip! It's worth it!!

Anonymous said...

Geez! Under 10 bucks, and you're complaining about them not taking credit cards?!?

Anonymous said...

What a whiner, you must originally be from New York. A great meal, great atmosphere, and a fantastic price and you still find something trivial to complain about- no credit cards and no vegies. FYI, things to complain about- staff stealing your money, getting sick from the food, etc.

Gator Girl said...

I am looking forward to eating ay Sweatman's. We have traveled the Lowcountry and have eaten at many BBQ spots. Big D's in Hemingway is also a good one. But it's not just big city yankees that don't carry cash! So I am glad to know this up front.. It would break my heart to be near all that good food and not have any money!!! I hope it's as good as ya'll say!!!!!

msalig said...

Shame on you suggesting you will pay in coins. If it's silver dollars okay but anything else then shame on you. I am going this afternoon and can not wait to have at the pork-a-palooza. I had driven by it a few years ago coming back from Aiken (it was a sunday) but they were closed. I am so excited to try it finally.

Ted Snyder said...

Let's keep the county county...Sweatman's is the real deal and the very things you gripe about are what give it local flavor

frk said...

Ted, by "county" did you mean "country"? (And I hope bad spelling isn't part of "keeping the county county.")

Anonymous said...

Sweatmans is one-hundred mile barbeque. I actually drive a couple hundred miles to enjoy the atmosphere. I am glad to be reminded of the cash only policy; It is a good rule to follow when on the cultural trail. You will need this for the many venders you may find during the journey. Reading this blog gives me a " hankering" for pork skins... in fact- the whole hog experience.

PS. My vote for the best BBQ is the bar-be-cue on my plate I am about to eat! Hmm- I love barbecue in any form.

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Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

bruce said...

If you want greens eat at a salad bar.Go Angela!

MajorCordite said...

The comments about Sweatman's not serving vegetables is debatable. If having a very limited menu is considered "country" I ain't buying it. There are dozens of rural BBQ joints in the South that serve creamed corn, string beans, okra, cornbread etc, etc. Sweatman's serves on the cheap using styrofoam cups and plates and probably doesn't want to hire anyone to do additional cooking or washing dishes. Yes, ice tea does taste better out of a hard plastic cup or even better out of a Mason jar. I have been to fish camps that serve fried fish only on wax paper on trays. It is simply how they choose to run their business. If you want real country somebody ought to have a whole pig on a picnic table where everybody brings their own utensils and stands around pickin' at it. Pass the tea bucket, maam!

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Sweatman's is awesome. Love it for BBQ whenever I'm in the Holly Hill area. I've been trying to smoke some brisket on my Weber S-330 and it's been turning out awesome. Try it yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Sweatman's BBQ is the best, especially the hash and rice. Anybody can open a can of beans but when you make your own hash, that is icing on the cake. I drive from Summerville to Sweatman's and enjoy sitting on the back porch until their takeout opens while my stomach rumbles in disagreement.

Anonymous said...

We drove to sweatmans today 7/2/11, after reading about it in this months issue of southern living mag and this blog. The place was closed up gates shut looked like a ghost town. I know its a holiday wknd.....but its sat? What's the deal?

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Matt said...

I have always tremendously enjoyed the Sweatmans BBQ restaurant until this last visit in December 2011. Been going there since a kid. Was offended by a young gal serving me only two ribs at the buffet line. When I said "it's alright, you can put more on my plate" and her response was "you only get two ribs with your meal"! Then I was informed that it was no longer all you can eat buffet.

I noticed something different about the place as soon as we walked in. Changes to the atmosphere had been made. I was informed that the place had new owners and that they were making changes for the better.

While they did add veggie and starch to the menu, not charge for banana pudding (like the previous owners did), I was not impressed and actually was not pleased with the temps or the flavor (food or atmosphere) of this establishment.

It happens all too often that someone thinks that they will (or can) make it better when they take over only to find that business diminishes and there comes a continuing struggle to figure out why!

Matt said...

Leave a good thing alone!

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