Thursday, December 14, 2006

Momma Brown's Barbecue, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Momma Brown's serves coastal Carolina style barbecue out of an old diner in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Momma Brown's pig comes with a spicy variation of the coastal vinegar base. They also have a mustard mix that isn't quite so spicy. I didn't ask how they cook the meat, but neither mustard nor vinegar has a very smokey flavor. They are pre-sauced, and there's additional vinegar sauce on the buffet.

Momma Brown's has a buffet that includes a pretty impressive variety of sides, including fried okra, 3 different kinds of rice. Unfortunately, the fried okra was a little cold. You can also choose from Macaroni pie, a bunch of green stuff, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, and there is even fried chicken and hush puppies.

It was good, but I didn't notice anything exceptional about Momma Brown's. The dining room doesn't exactly exude a country barbecue feeling--it's an old 60s style diner.

What I loved:
The spread was great because there are tons of things to choose from.

What I didn't like:
The hash was just bad. It tasted like thick tomato soup.

My recommendations: It's a great place for lunch because they're open every day except Monday. But if you're looking to kick back on a weekend with the best barbecue in town, I might suggest looking somewhere else. Oh, and try the hash with caution.


iroyd said...

this is great info. next time i'm in charleston, i'm gonna know where to go! curious what you think of High Cotton? I know it's not bbq, but the steak i had there was phenomenal. any other better suggestions for steak?

Josh M said...

I hope this helps.

I've never been to High Cotton. I usually try to stick to the barbecue.

Anonymous said...

This not a BBQ joint. It is a buffet that happens to have pork that resembles bbq. I have eaten here once and the pork was so old because it had been sitting there all day. If you want REAL bbq, travel a little out of Charleston and go to Sweatmans between Holley Hill and Eutaville. They are only open Friday and Saturday. Walk out back and see the pit master. Ask for a sample of pork skin.... right off the pit. The buffet is the best deal. It has a pan of ribs, a pan of outside meat and pan of inside meat, slaw, etc. There are three sauces to choose from on your table. Then you can say you have been to a real bbq joint. Mike- Columbia

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Rutledge said...

Momma Browns in Mt. Pleasant is no longer open. Also it was not located in an old diner but in a '70s convenience store.
It probably closed due to a combination of the economy and Home Team bbq opening up on nearby Sullivan's Island.

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