Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Hickory Hawg, Johns Island, SC

Hickory Hawg, John’s Island, SC (Hickory Hog)

2817 Maybank Highway
Johns Island, SC 29455

The Hickory Hawg is nestled in a small shopping center on John’s Island.
Pulled pork sandwiches dominate the menu, but they also serve pulled pork platters, chicken, and ribs. They also serve things like hot dogs and cheeseburgers. Their menu is posted on the Hickory Hawg website.

They slow cook pork shoulders for half a day in all-wood (hickory) cookers. I’ll give kudos to the Hawg for avoiding electric and gas cookers. The sauce is a North Carolina style tomato/vinegar base.

At the Hickory Hawg, a friendly girl takes your order when you walk in the door, and you take a number to your table. Not being too fond of BBQ Sandwiches, I picked the BBQ Pork Tray for $5.19. At first glance, I was disappointed to see that the plate was a little smaller than I hoped, but I didn’t leave hungry. The chopped pork is good. They pour on their sweet tomato base for you, and there’s more sauce waiting for you at your table.

In addition to pulled pork, the tray included hushpuppies, fries, and coleslaw. The hushpuppies were excellent; however, unless you like cafeteria style food, avoid the french fries.

The atmosphere at the Hickory Hawg feels a little stale. The interior could use a little more character. Perfectly painted drywall and ceiling tiles keep you from feeling like you’re actually at a barbecue place.

Things I didn’t like:
  • There’s not much in the way of choices to pick your sauce. You can choose between their house sauce and ketchup.
  • The stale atmosphere.
Cool stuff:
  • I was glad to see of soft drink machine. Although the sweet tea was good, it’s still nice to have options.
  • Choices like hot dogs and cheeseburgers aren’t my ideal for a BBQ joint, but they’re nice options for families with kids.
Final Impressions:
Overall, the Hickory Hawg is a good, but not great, place for barbecue in Charleston.

What did other people think?
Pork and Whiskey
The Chowhound Report


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